You don’t need a large audience to sell digital courses -
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IF you are using my LeadBundle Method.
What is the LeadBundle Method, you may ask?

More on that in a second, but first -

Let’s start here...Freebies are DEAD!

That's right...deader-than-a-doornail!

They DON’T work like all the gurus tell you they do. In fact, if you look at the data, they end up costing you more than they bring in.

Instead of offering new customers a freebie and hoping they will buy from you one day, you need to sell them your solution in the form of a course from Day 1.

Everyone knows the Freebies they sign up for are not going to solve their problem. That's why they don't bother even opening your emails. 

But when they buy your course WITH the specific solution they are looking for - you have won a customer for life.

That, in a nutshell, is the LeadBundle Method.

👉  Sell a low cost digital course that immediately solves their most pressing problem and then continue to sell them your other courses and coaching after that.
Right now you're stuck doing all.the.things you think you're supposed to do, instead of laser-focusing in on one specific strategy that will catapult you to the next level.
Spending HOURS every day posting on social media - Selfies, comments, and engagement all day long!
Constantly creating new programs to sell without any consistency.
Confidently selling One to One and even Group Programs but needing to clone yourself in order to scale.
👉 The problem you have right now is...where do I start?
Creating a low ticket course and funnel is complicated.

If you don’t get all the details right, you could:
  • Waste a bunch of time creating something your audience doesn’t really even WANT.
  • Fail to break down your would-be customers objections and not create real buying urgency with your course bonuses.
  • ​Create a sales page that falls flat when your maybe-future-buyers glance at it for 5 seconds in between scrolling FB.
  • ​Spend money hiring contractors and VA’s who miss all the details needed to make your 3 Step Profit Funnel work (because they’re not trained in this process).
  • Waste a bunch of money on ads and miss out on sales because something is missing in your funnel … you’re just not sure what.
And of course, creating a digital course requires the Expert herself to pour out her genius into a format that students can follow and learn from. (Hint: That’s You!)
It also requires the expertise of a:
  • Copywriter
  • ​Graphic Designer
  • ​Technical Whiz
And a Mentor who can help you wrangle them all together and make sure the end product is a * work of art *.

And let's be honest - the minute you step out of your zone of genius, you end up making tons of mistakes.

That’s where I come in.
Hi there, I'm kristen...Your Digital Course Coach
I’m the CEO of Kristen Miller Marketing, Founder of Practical Mommy, a digital course creator, and coach. 

My online business journey started in 2014, when I created a popular parenting blog called Practical Mommy. Long story short, I launched my parenting brand’s signature digital product, The Get It Together Girl System, in 2019 and scaled my funnel for that product to 6-figures within one year.

But I didn’t do it using the traditional freebie-based marketing methodology so many entrepreneurs are taught.

Instead, I developed my own unique 3-part strategy for filling my funnel with people who weren’t just there to just consume free content—but to actually buy products.

It took years of learning and perfecting the process with clients in multiple industries to get to where I am today. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaches and programs to learn every piece of the LeadBundle™ funnel.
As an agency owner, I know how hard it can be to manage a team of creative professionals to complete a LeadBundle™ course and funnel.

Even experienced business coaches and service providers have gotten it wrong when they stopped focusing on their zone of genius and tried to DIY all the nitty gritty details (without proper training or experience).

But with the right coaching, step by step videos, checklists and ready-to-use templates...
...You can break through that barrier to success and create your own LeadBundle™ funnel.

Just Imagine...

Adding a passive income asset to your business that adds 6 figures to your revenue streams - all on autopilot!

That's exactly what Aly Bloom did this year.

Aly and her sister-in-law Katie, the Sales Sisters, were stuck in the cycle of never ending launches for their high-ticket courses.

They were incredibly successful (making over $500k in their first year in business) but they wanted to save themselves some TIME and automate their lead gen process - by adding a Low Ticket LeadBundle™ to their offer suite.

In JUST SEVEN MONTHS, they created an additional 6 Figure Profit Center to their business and hundreds of new *paying* leads into their world.

That brought in more high ticket course sales when they launched those bigger courses - WITHOUT spending hours each day posting on Facebook.

This is the power of the High/Low Strategy and the LeadBundle™ Method.

What would it feel like to have your very own digital course funnel making sales for you every day?
LeadBundle™ Accelerator
Your Strategic Game Plan For Creating A 
6-Figure Online Business With Digital Courses.
How Does the LeadBundle™ Accelerator Work?
The LeadBundle™ Accelerator takes you from overwhelmed & unclear about your next steps, to confidently launching your high-converting digital course low-ticket funnel in just 90 days.

(Psst...Looking for more info about what you’ll learn in the Program? Scroll down just a little further!)
inside the LeadBundle™ Accelerator course
you will create your 3 Step profit funnel...
Step 1 - The Adspend Annihilator
We get buyers onto your list by selling them a low ticket product using your favorite traffic source. The aim here is for course sales to pay for your ads - so you effectively get your ads for free! 
Step 2 - Quick Grab Candy Aisle 
Just like supermarket buyers throwing Snickers into their basket at the checkout, we create an 'Order Bump' where your buyers say 'ooh that's cool! I'll get me one of those too, thank you very much!' This now puts you into profit
Step 3 - The One Time Offer
You've no doubt heard of this before, but most people are doing this all wrong. When you do this in the exact way I show you, you can expect to triple the value of each order. 
It's like a no-brainer...
I recommend Kristen Miller without a doubt, not even thinking about it. It's like a no-brainer her prices are totally reasonable and she's so easy to work with.

-Michelle Marie Diaz
Summarize what sort of transformation
happened BECAUSE of your offer.
List out examples that helps your prospect see themselves after they've used your product.
Go From Zero to Digital Course Success, in Just 90 Days! The LEADBUNDLE™ ACCELERATOR Walks You Through Every Single Step Of The Process And Prepares You For Success.

LeadBundle™ Accelerator
Your Strategic Game Plan For Creating A 
6-Figure Online Business With Digital Courses.
90 days of Accelerated Growth
Self Study Course
  • On-Demand Digital Lessons (value $1,997)
  • Bonus: Audience Multipliers (value $597)
  • ​Bonus: Sales Page and Email Swipe Files (value $1,000)
  • Bonus: Fast Pass To Sales (value $1,085)
  • Bonus: ​How-To Quickstart Guides (value $997)
  • Bonus: ​6 Months Access To Digital Course Elite Facebook Group (value $1,182)
  • ​BONUS: Sales Funnel Templates (value $1,000)

Total Value = $8,407

Today's Price

Payment Plans Available
Here’s What You’ll learn From the 
On-Demand Digital Lesson Modules
These pre-recorded trainings walk you through my proven, step-by-step process to create your Course and your Funnel.

Weeks 1 & 2: 
Your LeadBundle™ Offer

Your 6-figure digital product launch starts with a strong offer! Right off the bat, I’ll teach you how to identify and craft the perfect offer for your ideal client, so you can consistently convert buyers & attract highly qualified leads.

Weeks 3 & 4:
Your Follow Up Offer

What happens after someone invests in your low-ticket digital product? Great question! In Module 2, I’ll explain the importance of your follow up and help you create an irresistible offer.

Weeks 5 & 6: 
Digital Product Creation

This is where the rubber meets the road! Module 3 is all about stepping beyond the strategy and actually creating your digital product, which puts you one big step closer to launching.

Weeks 7 & 8:
Software Platforms 

Software is the bane of many business owners’ existence… But it doesn’t have to be! In Module 4, I’ll show you my favorite funnel creation tools, help you decide which programs are right for your offer, and explain the whole getting started process for you, so you can skip the overwhelm and take meaningful action.

Weeks 9 & 10: 
Sales Funnel Platform & Copy

We’re almost there! In Module 5, you’ll learn more about sales funnel platforms. We’ll also dig into one of the most anxiety-inducing but crucial parts of selling your digital product on repeat—writing great copy!

Weeks 11 & 12: 
Sales Funnel Design

At long last, your high-converting sales funnel is taking shape! Module 6 will walk you through my best-kept secrets for designing a funnel that’s not only pretty, but extremely profitable.
Plus, Next-Level Your Digital Course Results With These Premium Bonuses!
Audience Multipliers
The key to getting eyeballs on your courses is TRAFFIC. Inside the LeadBundle™ Accelerator, you'll learn 3 traffic strategies - Facebook Ads, Organic and Paid Pinterest Pins, and building a Free Facebook Group. We mix and match Paid and Free strategies, to make the biggest impact. (value $597)
Sales Page and Email Swipe Files
Consider this your Easy Button to quickly and easily CREATE your money-making course funnels. Our sales page templates, email swipes, and checklists make it simpler than ever to craft a high-converting funnel. Keep these forever! (value $1000)
Fast Pass To Sales
This is your Fast Pass to sales...selling other people's digital courses while you're building yours. Why wait to make money until your courses are ready? Start making money right away with this course and strategy. (value $1085)
How-To Quickstart Guides
The tech behind funnels and courses can get a bit complicated. That's why I included Step by Step video tutorials to walk you though: Email set up, Funnel set up, Sales Page Design and even how to use Canva. Hint: You can also have a Virtual Assistant watch these videos and help you complete the process. (value $997)
6 Months Access to 'Digital Course Elite' Membership
Join us in the Elite - our private Facebook Group only open to a select few. There will be monthly activities, prizes, and tons of value. Use this space to ask questions and mingle with your peers. The life of a course creator can get lonely, but not when you are in a community filled with like-minded women. (value $1182)
Ready-For-You Brand Guides and Sales Funnels Templates
Choose from 6 stylish done for you brand guides for a quick and easy jump into creating a beautiful brand. You will also receive 6 COMPLETE sales funnel templates to grab and go in your Design phase. (Value $1000)
When you enroll today, you can be getting results just like these women in a few short months.

From stuck in trial and error mode with group programs, to growing faster with a proven low ticket offer method.

Christie Ryan is a nutrition and fitness coach for women. She recently launched her Fat Blaster Bundle to her Facebook Group and was excited to see the sales roll in right away.

Maxine wanted to build her course properly and make sure she was prepared for all the steps she needed to take.

Maxine Anthony is a dance professional turned digital entrepreneur. She incorporates mindset work and building confidence through dance. She's currently perfecting her course and plans on launching in a few weeks. 

"Super valuable in making sure my bundle made sense from start to finish."

Buki Ekeowa is a Kingdompreneur Business Coach. She knew she wanted to create a LeadBundle™ and was looking for the support of someone who had been there and done that. She recently launched her program and is making sales from her new funnel.

Sold $20k in 5 weeks with her LeadBundle™.

Jane Mukami, Transformational Body Coach, doubled her income in 2019 with the help of her low ticket courses. 

Is LeadBundle™ Accelerator Right for Me?
The LeadBundle™ Accelerator is a transformative experience for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to put in the work, take action, and hit their goals. That said though, it’s definitely not right for everyone!
LeadBundle™ Accelerator Is Perfect For You If…
  • You’re ready to scale your business
  • ​You’re not afraid of investing in software to automate your processes
  • ​You’re open to new ways of receiving leads to your business.
  • ​You’re ready to do the work.
  • ​You want to celebrate and grow with a group of like-minded women.
LeadBundle™ Accelerator Is NOT the Right Choice For You If…
  • You’re only looking for free options to try to grow your business.
  • You’re not ready to commit to a success plan.
  • Your business is a side-gig and not a priority.
  • ​You’re not willing to invest in yourself or your business.
Summarize what sort of transformation
happened BECAUSE of your offer.
List out examples that helps your prospect see themselves after they've used your product.


I’m a relatively new business owner. Is the program right for me?
Absolutely! New business owners are welcome in the program, provided that they:

- Are ready to take serious action
- Aren’t afraid of investing in the software they’ll need for this program
- Are ready and willing to show up and do the work

Conversely, if you’re only looking for free business growth options, if you’re still doing everything by yourself, or if you’re not ready to invest in software, this program won’t be the right fit for you.
I’m an experienced entrepreneur who already has a very successful business. Will the program actually teach me something new?
Yep, it will. This LeadBundle™ Accelerator program is perfect for people who are already crushing the business growth game—but who need a little help getting to that next level by leveraging passive income digital products. You’ll learn my proven strategy for 10xing your client base and adding a 6-figure digital product revenue stream to your business. As long as those outcomes along with your goals, this program is a great fit.
Do I need to be tech savvy to succeed in the course?
Nope! Tech-geeks and luddites alike will find the individualized support they need to create a high-converting offer + sales funnel. Even if the very idea of researching funnel softwares makes you feel anxious, you CAN launch a digital course and funnel. 
Do you offer a guarantee?
Due to the digital nature of this program, we’re unable to offer refunds. However, what I can tell you is that if you show up every day for 6 months, put in the work, and engage with our community, I can’t see how you could not get serious results from this program. This is the exact strategy I’ve used in my own business and many of my clients’ businesses. It’s tested, it’s proven, and it works.
Can I start with the Payment Plan now and switch to Pay in Full later?
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to switch from Payment Plan to Pay in Full (and still get the bonuses and discount, within the first 3 months). You can also upgrade to the Coaching Program at any time. Just reach out to to work out the details.
How long do I have access to everything?
You will have access to the course (and any and all upgrades, improvements and additions) for 6 months. After your initial 6 months, you can renew at your existing rate for an additional 6 months. Even if the price goes up (and it will!), you are grandfathered in at your current rate. 
Is any software included in the course?
No, your software is your responsibility. You can choose any platforms you want and you own all your own content.
Do I have to use Clickfunnels (or other software you recommend)?
No, you get to use what software you want! Software is constantly changing and updating. We will make sure you can use it for your course and it meets your needs.
Do I have to have an email list/Facebook Group/audience already?
No, the course teaches you how to create a Facebook Group to build your audience for free and also how to launch your course with ads to make sales and grow your audience even faster.
Stop Waiting For The Perfect Idea & Start Taking Inspired Action To Make Your Digital Course A Reality.
Creating the digital course business of your dreams is 100% possible.

It starts with YOU and your commitment to the process

The LeadBundle™ Accelerator is your golden ticket to getting the expert training, support, and accountability you need to reach your goals as efficiently and easily as possible.

So… Are You In?


Join LeadBundle™ Accelerator Today!